Testimonials - What our customer's say about us?


Below are a few comments some of our customers have left us regarding the service they have received from us:-

  • Placeholder Brother From Birmingham Allhamdulillah!! What a FANTASTIC experience. If only all Hajj operators were like this! "I just want to say me and my family have had the most memorable experience with Hilal tours Their is nothing I would have changed at all. It was perfect from the day we departed till the day we returned. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and hard work."
    • Placeholder Brother & Sister From Derby We would like to thank you for the brilliant services you provided us during the hajj this year.i must say that we had great time in Makkah almukarrama and Medina al Munawara and stay in Azzizia. Your services are better than you promised on booking. I have been in contact with the different friends made during this hajj time they are all very happy and they have same feelings like I have for you guys.I would definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives for hajj and umrah .I shall see you guys when I come Birmingham next.May Allah give you Jaza. Jazak Allah Kheir
  • Placeholder Brother From Luton This was my first Hajj experience and it certainly won't be my last inshallah and I could not have chosen a better group to go on Hajj with. If you want your Hajj to be excepted INSHAALLAH, then you must do it by the Quran and Sunnah and this is what this group is all about recommend you do so to.
    • Placeholder Sister From Birmingham Jzk for all the support and services provided during our Hajj journey. Everything was according to plan, the staff were well experienced and organised. The religious guides and lectures given were very informative. Overall the support, service, advice we received throughout was faultless. We felt valued and appreciated, everything that was organised was in a humble and polite manner. The staff were very professional and attentive. Jzk to everyone involved. May Allah reward you all abundantly.
  • Placeholder Brother From London Salamu Alaikum, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for us during the Hajj. We enjoyed every minute of it and I would highly recommend Hilal Tours to anybody that would want to make Hajj. Also I would like to thank your staff they were helpful and nice people.
    • Placeholder Brother From London I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort put in by Hilal Tours to make my first spiritual experience (Umrah) a memorable one. I have been fortunate (Mashallah) to spend the first week of Ramadan performing Umrahs. I was awestruck from the very first time I saw the holy Kaaba and every time after it. I would like to thank everybody and May Allah bless us all.
  • Placeholder Sister From Luton It's indeed very hard to find the appropriate words that would clearly express the great and successful trip you had provided for all your fellow brothers and sisters. Needless to say that the whole trip from the beginning to the end covering each and every detail was just excellent. I would like to say in short, that the pleasure you take in organising, and all the effort put in by you and your workers is absolutely priceless. I end this note by wishing you and everyone at Hilal Tours a very happy new year.
    • Placeholder Brother From Nottingham Thank you very much for arranging my umrah trip last month. I've enjoyed the stay at the accommodations which you arranged. I also thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and availability of your staff who made me feel right at home. Again I want to thank you and your courteous staff and I certainly will highly recommend your services to any friend and relative wants to go.
  • Placeholder Sister From Manchester Thank you for everything you did for the group. It was a wonderful experience. My mother remember you in her prayer, as you made her Hajj possible. Insha'allah we will try again in 2014. God bless you.
    • Placeholder Sister From Scotland I would like to thank you for all the work you and your associates have done to facilitate the hajj group for this year. Most importantly, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. Our group had the smoothest, least complicated arrangements, and they were all happy and satisfied.
  • Placeholder Brother From Bradford Me and the girls want to thank you for the best Hajj we ever had as a family. We felt secure and well taken care of. The other families we met were wonderful, The hotels and food were top notch, and of course, the place we visited is the best in the world. I pray to Allah to repeat the experience. May Allah bless you, you have such good staff, so hard to find a tour company like this in in the world today.

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